Meet the 2018 Lion judogi collection

Meet the entire 2018 Lion judogi collection. Lion Authentic judogi remodelled its entire judogi to original judogi standards. All kimonos are slim-fit cut, to make the judogi feel like it is shaped around the body. Lion started its European introduction in 2017 in the Netherlands with the Lion Kids, the Lion 550 Talent Gi and the original Lion 750 Authentic. The 750 Authentic has a classical slim fit design and is produced according to latest IJF standards. The succes of the initial introduction of the Lion 750 Authentic led to the addition of an extra model for 2018, the Lion 850 Excellence. The 850 has the same design as the 750 Authentic but is made of more material per square cm, making it the ultimate gi. The 850 excellence is for everybody who likes to feel the gi around the body and doesn’t want to give away anything  to his/her opponents. The 850 Excellence will complete the Lion judogi collection.


Spring Introduction of new judogi

In the spring of 2018 we will introduce not only the 850 Authentic. The Lion Kids will be available in a new color, the Red Lion version. With the Red Lion Kids, we created a personal line of choice. Choose your own color  from the colors Red, Pink or the original Orange.


The entire collection

The entire Lion judogi collection starts with the 250 Starter, and is followed by the Lion Kids, the most popular model for children. The more advanced judogi for youth is the 550 Talent Gi, made in white or blue. The 750 Authentic is the origional topmodel of the range. In 2018 the 750 will meet its heavier brother the 850 Excellence.


Where to buy Lion products

Would you like to buy one of our gis? Ask for your local dealer.

Judoplayer in the Netherlands and Belgium can shop their Lion judogi at 


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