Kids Boys

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Lion Kids boys

The Lion Kids boys judogi is a strong and very slim fit Kids gi! The Kids boys has an orange Lion embroidery on both sleeves and one Lion embroidery on the pants. The judogi has a Lion label on the bottom of the lapel. Also the belt has a Lion label.

The Slim fit makes the judogi good-looking and makes the judogi look nice and tight around the body. The gi is tailor-made for kids and the new collection is designed for maximum freedom of movement. This makes the judoclass for Kids every time a great experience.

For small Kids heavy gis do not have any added value, so from size 80 to size 100, the judogi is made of light single weave cotton. From size 110 and up, the Kids boys is made from 450 grams/m2 single weave cotton. This makes this judogi the most durable and strong judogi in the Kids category.

All Kids judogis are complete with kimono, trousers and belt. The pants do have an elastic waistband and laces to tie the belt. Double protection to make sure the pants stay put during the entire judoclass.



Washing Instruction

Wash the judogi the first few times cold, and afterwards on 40 degrees celsius maximum. To ensure a long lifetime, do not put the judogi in the dryer. Always dry the judogi in the air. Do not add the white judogi with other colored items in the washingmachine. Check always the advise on the label of the judogi.



Choose the right size of the Kids boys

Use the size of the judoplayer to determine the right size. If the judoplayer is 1 meter 36 centimeters, choose size 140.

The Lion Kids is designed with longer sleeves. It isn’t necessary to order oversized, but always round up to the nearest size.

Additional information



80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170, 180


350 (size 80 – 100), 450 (size 110 – 180)


Lion judogi


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